Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paint Colors

These are the two main paint colors we are thinking about for our new house...

This one is called Ivoire and it's like a light light gold. I think we would use this for most of the rooms (yes, I know we're boring).

This one is called Hearts of Palm. I want this for the kitchen for sure and then maybe the dining room.

I'm trying to decide what to do for Will's room. I kind of just want to do the Ivoire and then just decorate it with cute stuff. Blue seems sort of typical for a boys room. But let me know if you have any great ideas....I haven't even looked at new bedding for him or anything (I think we will be moving him out of the crib when we move to the new house).

Also, I am now thinking about wallpaper for the bathrooms. They already have wallpaper and I was originally thinking we would just paint them...but they would need texture too and that gets expensive. I know I've seen some fun wallpaper in magazines...does anyone know of any websites I could look at?

By the way, the paint colors are from Sherwin Williams and you make those cool rooms on their website. Chris and I have had some fun with it (mainly Chris).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smart Boy

Last night I was in the office while Will and Chris were playing with Hot Wheels. Chris bought him a little plastic track recently that you can add on to and Will loves it. Apparently, Will kept running over to hug and kiss Chris and then he would go back to playing for a few minutes and then do it again. I kept hearing Chris say things like: "awwww Will, you are so sweet....I love you so are such a good boy." After 10 or 15 minutes of this, it had been quiet for a few minutes and then I hear Chris say, "You wanna go to Toys R Us tonight and buy another track?" I guess it doesn't take very long to learn how to get what you want!

Guess Who

If you watch the Bachelor, you should be able to figure out who this is!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Open House

IMG_4846e web

After having two offers fall through, we are still trying to sell our house and we thought we would do an open house this weekend before we list it through our realtor next week. So if you know someone that is looking for a house, tell them to go to the website - for all the info and then come by for the open house this weekend!

Monday, January 19, 2009

4th Picture

Kristen tagged me. Here's how it works:

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on the computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same
5. No cheating. (cropping, editing, etc)

I don't really have a 4th folder...well I do, but it just led to more folders and eventually to a folder that only had one picture of someone random. Our organization on the computer is a little crazy. So I decided to do the 4th set in flickr instead...


I don't think there is anything to explain so I will just say what a cutie my little baby boy was and he is so much bigger than that now. :(

I tag Amanda, Angela, Kenley, & Stacee.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I need a girl....


But since I don't have one, all of you that have girls must go buy this stuff and then give it to me when your girls have outgrown it. Hopefully I will have a girl by that time. :)

* Picture taken from Matilda Jane website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Both of my boys are feeling much better!! We got the house that we've been trying to buy!!! Well, it's not totally official yet but as long as we don't back out, I think it's a done deal. It is very exciting, but we still need to sell our we will be really excited once we've done that. If you know anyone that might like to buy my cute house, please tell them to call me!

And now I need some decorating ideas/help for my new house! As you will see, it needs some help. I have never been much of a decorator...mainly because I have a hard time making decisions. So this is where all of you get to help me. I'm sure I will post a lot more about this as we start making decisions...but any initial ideas you have would be great. I am open to all suggestions.

Here are the pictures - some I took and some are from the website when it was listed:

The Front - How do you feel about the semi-circle window blinds? I sort of want to take these down, but I'm afraid that might look weird.

IMG_4703 web
The Kitchen - I know I want to paint the cabinets white eventually and redo the backsplash and countertops. We've also talked about doing some serious remodeling to open it up to the living we may have to wait awhile on this. I am also thinking I want to paint the walls a light lime green.


IMG_4706 web
The Living Room - The dark wood floors and dark paint make this room seem so DARK to me. I want to paint it something much lighter...ideas?

IMG_4699 web
Dining Room

IMG_4723e web
Second Living Room - We will definitely be painting and changing the carpet eventually.

IMG_4708 web
Master Bedroom

IMG_4710 web
Master Bathroom - Wallpaper has to go.

IMG_4701 web
The Office

Will's Room - Red Raider fan? We will paint this.

IMG_4713 web
Extra Bedroom - We probably won't do much with this since it will eventually be the next baby's room.

IMG_4704 web
Laundry Room - Does anyone know if the brown paper bags will come off?

IMG_4725e web
Back - I love the outdoor living area! Can I call it that?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rough Week

We were supposed to take a fun, relaxing trip to Abilene and Dallas this last weekend. Instead, Chris has been to the doctor and made three trips to the emergency room (infection in his messed up arm), Will's been to the doctor (fever, ear infection, sore throat), we've shown our house three times, and we've been trying to get a contract to go through on the house we're trying to buy. Yes, this has all happened since last Friday. So say a prayer for us if you think about it! I think I'm handling things better than I normally would under these kinds of circumstances, but I'm starting to feel the anxiety of it all now as I'm about to tackle cleaning my carpet by myself at 10:44pm.

In an effort to make this post a little more cheerful, I thought I would add a few random pictures I've taken with my iphone over the last few weeks...

will carseat
Will loves this hat! I found it at Old Navy for $3.99.

There had to be thousands and thousands of geese at this park close to my house. I was amazed.

A beautiful West Texas dust storm. Isn't it sick that this does almost look pretty in the picture?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas

I know this is way overdue, but better late than never...right? We had a really fun Christmas this year and lot of fun activities leading up to it as well. Will is getting to the age where we want to take him to do every fun thing there is even though he probably won't remember it.

First of all, Will had his very first school program. The picture below shows Will at his finest that night. Clapping was about as exciting as it got for him.

Just in case you are having trouble picking him out of the crowd, he is on the front row with a blue sweater vest, next to the boy in the red sweater.

Speaking of the boy in the red sweater...I think this is Will's best friend at school. His name is Parker. I always try to get Will excited about school on the way because he used to cry every time I left him (he is doing SO much better, by the way). I always name all of his teachers and one morning I started naming a few of his friends that I know are in his class. When I said, "Are you excited to see Parker?" He repeated me and said, "Parper" I continued to say "Parker" and he continued repeating "Parper" all the way to school. Now he says it anytime we ask is one of the very few things he will say on demand. They must be good buddies. And Will is a smart one because I'm pretty sure he is the smallest in the class and Parker is no doubt the biggest in the class.

I had to add this one in there for Parker's mama, Ruth. I am pretty sure this is when he spotted her in the crowd. Poor baby!

Several of my friends' kids are in this picture....I thought it was pretty cute!

Here we are one night before night night time. He is the sweetest mama's boy ever.

Just a cute picture of him reading a book. Yes, he is amazingly talented...he can read upsidedown. He loves books!!

There was a small mix up when we put up the tree. Will thought HE was supposed to get decorated.

No big deal, he can play with his toys while being decorated.

We went to the live nativity scene at Indiana Baptist one night. I hope they continue to do this every year...I think it will be a great way to teach Will more about the night Jesus was born. Will even got to pet a real camel. This picture was taken with my it's not the best. Hopefully Will can still appreciate it someday. :)

He loved looking at the tree and was really good about not taking the ornaments off.

So cute. By the way, this was the first fire we've had in our house in the four years that we've lived here. Chris got brave one night. :)

Now onto the actual Christmas...Will got spoiled and we only bought him two presents.

Grandma got him every musical instrument you could think of. He loves this was perfect!

He also loves Little People...which Grandma also got him.


Will asked if he could wear the bows. How could I say no? Notice that daddy was not too thrilled about this.

He was really funny about opening presents. He would pull a tiny piece of paper off and then hand it to me. Then do the same thing over and over again. Needless to say, we ended up having to help him out quite bit.

Admiring Pop & Lolli's tree on Christmas morning. You can also see the top of the train they got him. He loves it!

Now this is what Daddy...umm, I mean Will...really wanted ever since his friend, Tagen, got it has his birthday party.

Here he is with Uncle Lance and his new Aunt Olivia.

The best family picture we got...I think Will was a little distracted by all the new toys.

After we opened presents at my parent's house on Christmas morning, we all went up to the children's hospital to take the kids and nurses small gifts. I think it was a good way to start teaching Will that Christmas is not all about getting presents. It was really the least we could do for someone stuck in the hospital on Christmas day, but hopefully we made someone's Christmas a little brighter. I hope we can do something like this each year to remind Will that is more fun to give of yourself than to get. I didn't take any pictures of this...well, I did...but they were on my mom's camera. Go to her blog to see them and read more about it.

Thanks for reading this incredibly long post if you got this far. We are so blessed!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kristin is having another baby!

Okay, I know I shouldn't really be posting about this on MY blog. But I've wanted to do it for awhile now. I've jokingly said I was going to, but resisted even though it was hard. Now that Kristin has finally posted about it on her blog, I thought I would just do it anyway. I just can't contain my excitement. :) It is so very exciting because it's finally starting to feel real...especially since it's not a secret anymore and I have been allowed to tell a few people. And yes, I do realize I'm not the one that is pregnant. But when I first found out, I just couldn't wrap my mind around Emma Kate being a sister already...mainly because I can't imagine being the one with 2 under 2! Kristin is obviously a better woman than me...and I know she can do it because she has done great with 2 under 2 when I have left Will over there to play. Heck, it should have been twins this time around! :) We really are excited for them and I'm sure we will get baby fever when this baby gets here!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

House For Sale

IMG_4846ec web

IMG_4801ec web

IMG_4808ec web

IMG_4800e web

Living Room

IMG_4826e web

Dining Room

IMG_4838ec web


IMG_4759ec web

IMG_4758ec web

Master Bedroom

IMG_4739e web

IMG_4740e web

Master Bathroom

IMG_4737e web

IMG_4736e web

Will's Room

IMG_4830e web

3rd Bedroom (we use it as an office)

IMG_4764e web

Guest Bathroom

IMG_4848ec web


5699a-8 no address

3/2/2 in South Lubbock. Built in 2000. Huge master bedroom and bathroom with jacuzzi tub, separate shower, and two walk-in closets. Updated fixtures. Tall ceilings. Large backyard. Sprinkler system. $107,950.

I thought my blog readers might know someone that is looking for a house. If so, send them our way! My phone number is 790-8300.

And can I just say that my mom is a saint? She came over and cleaned all really cleaned. She scrubbed every baseboard and cabinet and literally scrubbed my kitchen floor on her hands and knees. Thanks Mom!!