Sunday, March 29, 2009


I usually don't post my photography stuff on this blog, but I seriously need one of these...

IMG_9829ec web

Is she not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? Go to my photography blog to see more of her. And when you think about it, say a little prayer that whenever the time comes for Chris and I to have another baby, God will bless us with a sweet little girl like this....but only if it's in His will, of course. :)

I feel the need to write a disclaimer, so I will just say that of course I would be overjoyed to have another boy too and I would love him ever bit as much as a girl...just don't be surprised if you see him wearing cute pink hats and bows the size of Texas.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Thoughts: Late Night Edition

- Do real people get Botox? I told Chris this morning that I need Botox and he said that normal people don't get it. I'm not even sure I know what it's for. I even googled it just now, and I'm still not sure...just think I might need it.

- I think I am the only one that is happy Spring Break is over. I really missed those two "school" days this week. Don't get me wrong...I love hanging out with my boy, but I think the break twice a week is good for both of us.

- Kristin and I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight (loved it!) and as she showed me the special way to put napkins in the cup holder so that they would wrap around the coke we were sharing in a certain way, I wondered if our husbands share a coke when they go to the movie together. hmmm...?

- Our five year anniversary is in a few months. Have we really been married that long? I am hoping to go back to where we went on our honeymoon (El Dorado Royale in Mexico) to celebrate. It would be our third time...but is Mexico too dangerous right now? Even in the resort areas? Any other suggestions for a resort that is not in Mexico? EDR is my happy place and I hate to go anywhere else, but we do have a son that we need to come back home to.

- I went running three times last week...on my own! I need to do it again this week.(running = very light jogging)

- I will try to decorate my house this week, so that I can take pictures and show you! Better yet, you should just come over and me. In fact, you can help me decorate. Chris doesn't trust me to do it anyway. He keeps suggesting people that I should get to help me.

- Night night!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'll take the pink sandwich, please!

It may be raining, snowing, and freezing cold outside, but that hasn't stopped us. We have had a fun-filled day! First thing this morning, Dondi came over to watch Will while I went to Chris's doctors appointment and she brought his buddies, Connor and Averi. I could tell he was having a good time, because he could have cared less when I got home.

Shortly after they left, we went and picked up his friends, Mason and Reece, so that they could come over to play for awhile. I am telling you, I cannot wait for Will to start really talking! This is why - when I was getting ready to make lunch, I had this conversation with 2-year-old Reece:

Me: Reece, would you like a sandwich or hot dog for lunch?

Reece: Sandwich!

Me: Do you want turkey and cheese?

Reece: Turkey!

Me: Do you want a whole sandwich or a half sandwich?

Silence. This question takes some thought...

Reece: Pink! (said with much enthusiasm)

Me: A pink sandwich?

Reece: I want a pink sandwich!!

When in doubt, pink has got to be the right answer...right girls? :) By the way, I do think I convinced her that the turkey was pink.


And this is the miracle picture of the day...all three smiling at the camera at the same time (ages 3, 2, and 1)!

By the way, there are no after pictures of the house yet because we are far from finished! It is still very messy and there is nothing hanging on the walls...but rest assured that I will eventually post them. :)