Thursday, September 27, 2007

Does this make me crazy?

I keep thinking that I'm seeing something run across the floor out of the corner of my eye. It's happened several times in the last week or so. And its always in the same place. I'm sitting on the couch watching tv and it runs across the floor under the table in the dining room. The first few times I blew it off, but then I really thought I saw something. So I had Chris set up two mouse traps. It took him a good 15 minutes. I sort of felt bad, but I knew he would be glad when we trapped that thing. It's been a couple of days now and yup, you guessed it - nothing. And the cheese is still there. Chris is shocked as I'm sure you can imagine. Honestly, I've thought all along that it might be my new bangs that I'm not quite used to (shhh...don't tell Chris). Hey, you've got to act desperate if you think there is any chance a mouse could be running around your house. It could get me or Will while Chris is at work.

Last winter, I had Chris set up a few mouse traps. I hadn't been seeing anything out of the corner of my eye (no bangs), but just wanted to take some precautionary measures. A few days later we had the house sprayed. We set aside money in our budget to do this every 3 months whether we have bugs or not. It saves both Chris and I a lot of heartache. I don't have to worry about bugs and Chris doesn't have to worry about me screaming at the top of my lungs. So Mr. Pest Control shows up and here is how that went:

Mr. Pest Control: "What kind of problems have you been having?"
Me: "Oh, nothing."

He then makes his way through the kitchen and evidently sees the mouse trap behind the refrigerator.

Mr. Pest Control: "You been having a problem with mice?"
Me: "No."

I was tempted to say, "I'm just a paranoid freak, okay?" But I didn't really feel the need for justification. You just gotta do what you gotta do to protect yourself from these things. By the way, we have never actually spotted a mouse or caught one in the 2.5 years we have lived here...but you just never know when they could show up.

Does this make me crazy? You can say yes. But let's blame it on my mom. It's got to be a genetic disorder.

What makes you crazy? I think this is a game on Kidd Kraddick, but I haven't listened to it in so long....I could just be making that up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Smiles

Baby smiles are the best! I'm just sitting here feeding Will before he goes to bed and he just took a break and gave me the biggest smiles I've ever seen! And he's cooing at me. I love it. I wish I could catch a good smile on camera, but as soon as that big black thing comes out, the smile goes away. I tried to record him "talking" yesterday with our video camera, but the same thing happened. Bummer. At least I can look back at this blog entry and remember this moment!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pool Party!

The Brints Boys are turning 2, 3, and 4 next week so they had a pool party today to celebrate! Will got to swim for the very first time and he loved it. I think it was like mommy being in the bath with him...which I'm pretty sure equals heaven to him! Happy birthday Jeremiah, Elijah, and Levi!

Aren't they cuties?

Will got some sun before we got in the pool. He had to borrow Dad's shades since the sun was so bright.

Okay, so the swimsuit is a little big (18 months), but you try to find a 0-3 month swimsuit in September! Besides, I'm sure it'll fit him next summer and it was only $1.60 at Target.

Here we are enjoying the pool!

Will was pooped after all that swimming!

Chris and Will had some bonding time today before the birthday party while Kristin and I went shopping for Emma Kate. I think this is pretty much what they did all day. There's nothing like being a couch potato with Daddy on a Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

2 Month Shots

Will had is 2 month shots today. It was so sad. He screamed his head off when the first shot went in and then he calmed down quite a bit and just fussed during the others. As soon as he got his bandaids on, I picked him up and he fell asleep instantly in my arms. It made me just want to cuddle him for the rest of the day.

My mom says that I always laughed during my shots and they would call in everyone in the doctor's office to watch because they hadn't ever seen anything like it. I sort of remember getting a shot (or more) and thinking it wasn't that big of a deal. It wasn't when I was a baby (obviously), but I had to be pretty memory goes back pretty far. I can seriously remember being in the nursery at church and talking to Bonnie (the nursery lady - am I right on her name, Mom?) about how hard it was to color inside the lines. Chris says the earliest he can remember back to is 4th grade. I have tons of memories before 4th grade! How far back do your memories go?

I remember wanting to get my ears pierced soooo bad. My mom finally gave in and said I could get them pierced for my 6th birthday. She really worked me up about it telling me how much it was going to hurt. I totally remember the day that my mom and Grammy took me to the mall to get my ears pierced. I was so tensed up from my mom telling me how bad it was going to hurt and when it actually happened, it didn't hurt that I laughed. So my theory is that my mom always got me all worked up for my shots just like she did when I got my ears pierced, and it wasn't ever bad as I had I laughed.

Anyway, that was all a little random but here is a picture of Will today before his shots. He's 11 pounds today! The doctor told us that he went from being in the 5th percentile for weight at birth to the 40th percentile today. I had no idea he was only in the 5th percentile at birth! I'm glad I didn't know because I probably would have been even more worried than I already was.

I'll leave you with this picture of Will and me. We don't have many pictures of the two of us because I am usually the one taking all the pictures. We'll try to do better about that though. I need some pictures of me with my handsome little guy!

Friday, September 7, 2007

So Glad...

...I started blogging! I've only had this blog for 3 months and haven't even posted that much since Will was born, but it is so fun to look back and read some of my entries and remember what I was thinking about when I was writing them (and how life was so different then). It really made me laugh that I posted that Eviction Notice the day before I went into labor - what an obedient child I have! I also read the comments from when Will was first born. I'm sure I've read them before, but didn't remember reading them at all! It must have been during that "two week blur" right after Will was born. It was fun to read how excited everyone was that Will was finally here. It is also really weird to see pictures of me pregnant. I really can't even remember what it was like to be pregnant and it still feels a little surreal that I carried Will in there for NINE months and I didn't even know him yet! I can't imagine life without him now.

Now it is YOUR turn to start a blog for me to read! You know you want to!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lots of things happening...

First of all, Will has officially slept through the night! Not once….but twice! Yeah!! Last Thursday was the first night and it was pretty weird because I woke up at 4 waiting for him to wake up. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 4:30 and then I guess I fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until 6. Then he finally woke up at 7 (we always put him in his crib around 11). I really don’t mind waking up once during the night, which is what he typically does…but it sure is nice to get a full night of sleep!

Will had his first babysitters on Friday night. Our moms came over and stayed with him while we went on a date for Chris’s birthday. We went to Outback and then to see Rush Hour 3. It was really hard to leave him but we had a good time and Will only cried for a few minutes.

Will met his great grandparents, Grampy and Joyce, for the first time last week. Joyce held him all afternoon one day and he loved that! I think his favorite thing might be sleeping while being held….it makes him smile and laugh a lot. Side note: Will actually has a great GREAT grandfather…my dad’s dad’s dad, Pop. We are planning to make a trip to Colorado soon so that Will can meet him!

Will had a friend over for the first time yesterday. Amanda brought Taylor, Averi, and Connor over to see Will. Connor is a big boy and he wasn’t too sure about little Will and I don’t think Will knew what was going on! Will and Connor’s grandmas (Dondi and ????) are best friends so I’m sure they will have lots of fun times together. Isn’t Connor the cutest thing? Well, besides Will of course!

Finally, Will enjoyed his first Nascar race in the comfort of his very own Bumbo (thanks Curri) that he learned to sit in last week.

Will was 7 weeks old yesterday! Wow! In some ways it is going by fast, but in some ways it feels like it was years ago that I gave birth to him. Either way, he has been so much fun and has brought so much joy to our family. We love him so much! Isn’t he precious??