Friday, December 18, 2009

Reed David

We are almost positive that our new BOY will be named Reed David. Reed has been the only boy name that I have come up with that I really like and Chris couldn't come up with anything better, so it looks like we are going with it. And as it turns out, Reed means "red-head" maybe Reed will be our little red-headed boy.

I am having a little bit of a hard time getting used to the name David. It's never been a name that I particularly loved...but we didn't have any prospects for a middle name. When we were leaving our sonogram, Chris asked our doctor what we should name him and he said he liked David (that is his first name). Chris instantly said he liked that..."man after God's own heart." I thought it was funny because just that morning Will brought his Bible to me and told me he wanted to read about David. He had never asked me this before, but I later found out that Chris had just read him the story of David and Goliath the night before. So it seems like it was just meant to be.

I have to say it is a lot easier to get used to after hearing Will say it, he really seems to love the name and I think he may actually call him "Reed David"....when I tell him to say "Reed" he says "Reed David." Or maybe he just wants me to read about David? :)

I think Will also finally understood for the first time this week that the baby is not going to be in my belly forever. We talked about it for a few minutes the other day and he paid attention really closely...I could tell he was really thinking about it and when I finished, he tilted his head and said, "huh?" And then thought about it a little bit longer. Now he has been asking me when he is coming out. I think he will be ready when little Reed gets here!