Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Pictures



Indoor Easter Egg Hunt




"Busting A Sag" in his Easter Suit






Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lacey



Saturday, March 22, 2008

Will Walking

This video was made the night before we left for Orlando (two weeks ago). He is sooo funny walking and he looks so big!

P.S. Don't you hate hearing your own voice?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Whitney tagged me awhile back. I was very excited because it was the first time I had been tagged. Then Natalia tagged me the same day and it made me a little stressed about doing both of them. I'll have to do Natalia's later.

10 Years Ago:
I was a sophomore at Monterey High School. That year really wasn't all that memorable. I was on the golf team. That was sort of fun even though I never was good at golf.

Things on My To Do List Today:
Well, since it's 12:03 am now...go to sleep until later this morning and figure out a dessert to make for tomorrow.

What Would I Do If I Suddenly Became a Billionaire?
It's hard to imagine, but I will try. I would definitely want a new house, but not too big. Big houses are scary. Then again, I guess I could hire a security guard, so a big house would be okay. I would probably buy a minivan, specifically a Honda Odyssey. I want to be a minivan mom! I guess I would buy a new car for Chris too. I would give money to our families, our church, other churches...and missionaries in every country.

3 of My Bad Habits:
1) Leaving laundry in the washer and/or dryer.
2) Forgetting to change Will's diaper (bad mommy).
3) The internet (amen Chris?).

5 Jobs I've Had:
I don't want to explain these, so I'll just list where I worked...
1) Coffee Haus
2) abercrombie kids
3) Steve Hill Homes
4) Northwestern Mutual
5) Scottrade

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me:
1) I love Dr. Pepper and milk.
2) I was voted Best Dressed of my 9th grade class.
3) My pinky toes are half the size of all my other toes.
4) My hair is my natural color (people ask me this all the time).
5) I've known Chris since high school, but NEVER would have ever even imagined I would have married him at the time. We started dating during our second year of college when he started coming to my church.

I tag Amanda, Kristin, Rachel, Trichelle, and you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Our big 10 day trip to Orlando was filled with lots of little trips:

- 6 trips to five different malls. I am not even exaggerating. Will and I went to a couple while Chris was working, but at night, we didn’t have time to do much and we didn’t want to sit in the hotel room, so we went to the mall.

- 5 trips to Target. Home sweet home.

- 4 trips to three different outlet malls (separate from the malls mentioned above).

- 3 trips to Panera Bread to eat lunch. This was our favorite place to eat while we were there. We also got to eat at several other really good restaurants including The Cheesecake Factory, Tijuana Flats, and the Nascar Grille (yes, it was good!).

- 2 trips to the hotel pool. Chris even put Will's head under 4 or 5 times. He didn't know what to to think the first time, but every other time he seemed to like it and when Chris squeezed his nose, he closed his eyes really tight. He is learning everything so fast!

IMG_3536e copy

IMG_3508e copy

- 2 trips to Disney World (Downtown Disney one night and Epcot the next day).



Will got to meet a lot of the characters including Mickey and Minnie.


Does anyone know who these guys are? I was so excited for Will to meet the characters and these were the first ones we saw. I didn't even know who they were, but Will was sleeping so I ran up, gave them a big hug, and had my picture made with them.

- 1 trip to City Walk at Universal Studios.

- 1 trip to the Orlando Magic basketball game.



Poor Will had to get wanded.


- 1 trip to the Daytona Motor Speedway to do the NASCAR Dayton 300 Experience. Chris was in Heaven, of course, but Will and I thought it was pretty cool too! The place is huge and there is even a lake inside the track.



Will got to crawl on Victory Lane.



- 1 trip to Daytona Beach.




Will loved being buried in the sand! Notice how dirty he is...getting cleaned up was a different story.

Will did great on his first plane ride! On one of our flights coming home, I think his ears were hurting because he was pretty fussy...but he did really well on all the other flights. One of our flights got cancelled because of bad weather in Dallas. We only ended up stuck in the airport for 4 hours (much better than we expected) and it didn't seem to phase Will.



We had a lot of fun in Orlando, but 10 days seemed so long...especially with an 8 month old that wants to crawl around everywhere and can only do that in a tiny hotel room. He has loved the freedom he has had since we got home! We all missed home and are glad to be back!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Emma Kate

IMG_3325e copy

This is Will's GF/BFF and I just looooooove this picture. Kristin can tell you that I got giddy right after I took it. I wanted her to look in the mirror so badly and she finally did!

We had a little impromptu photo shoot today. Emma Kate invited Will over to play and I had to bring my camera...especially since she just turned 3 months old two days ago! Happy 3 months Emma Kate!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Did you watch Dr. Phil?

If so, what did you think? I thought it was okay. I don't think my dad was given enough time to get his points across. But I guess that is why it is called the Dr. Phil show and not the Sex Ed show.

I don't understand the "scare tactic" debate. Does Dr. Phil really think that my dad was saying you would get a STD by shaking someone's hand? Come on, Dr. Phil!

I can only speak for myself, but I never felt scared out of having sex and I don't think that most of the kids that choose abstinence after hearing my dad speak are scared out of it either. Even so, if it is the so called "scare tactic" that works, what's so bad about that?

For any of you that have heard my dad speak, you know that it is not all about the scare tactics, but about respecting and valuing yourself enough to make good decisions in your life.

I thought this quote from Shelby was particularly....umm, interesting: "When you say something about young women, how they don't respect themselves, and things like that...well, how can you say that when you sit here and say it's the only thing that's worthy of them is their virginity...that is the only thing that matters about them?"

First of all, the question (if that's what it was) didn't make sense. Even if it did, when did my dad ever say that virginity was the only thing that mattered? I have heard the abstinence talk at least dozen times, and I've never heard him say that it was the only thing that mattered. In fact, I have heard him say quite the opposite - that if you aren't a virgin, you can start over and have a second chance.

The point that is trying to be made by those that don't agree with abstinence education is that it doesn't work. The truth is that it does work for some kids. I am living proof of that. Of course it is not going to work for all kids, especially if their parents don't value virginity. Like TD Jakes said on the show (and I know this is what my dad believes as well), the power should be in the parents' hands, not the schools and the churches.

Ultimately, it is the parents that have the responsibilty to instill values and morals in their children so they know it is not acceptable to have sex at such a young age. Unfortunately, a lot of parents aren't doing their job and that is the real problem with the issue at hand. Again, like TD Jakes said, it is not even a faith issue, it is crazy to think children having sex is okay!

Overall, I'm glad that my dad took a stand for what he is passionate about and didn't back down. Not that I ever thought he would. I just wish that his two segments hadn't been so rushed and he had the whole show to get his message across. After the taping of the show, he said that it went by very quickly and he could not remember most of what was said. He was a little nervous about how he would be portrayed when the show aired, but I think it turned out good for the most part.

I would be interested to "hear" any thoughts you have if you saw the show!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

SexEd on Dr. Phil

Be sure to watch Dr. Phil on Monday. My dad (Sex Ed) will be making a special appearance. Here are the previews for the show. If you watch closely, you will see my brother, Lance, at the end of the second preview.