Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was a lot better at this...

...when I only had one child! And it's funny how every little milestone seemed so interesting with Will. I mean of course I am proud of all of Reed's milestones too, but I don't feel the urgent need to blog about them. But just to catch you up...Reed is 7-months-old now. He started sitting up sometime in September (or was it August?). He started eating real [baby] food in October. He loves the baby food I make him and Puffs. I am trying to switch him from Puffs to Cheerios, because we will go broke feeding him Puffs at this rate. He started crawling a few weeks ago. He never even went through the rocking stage...just decided to start army crawling one day. He started crawling on all fours a few days ago and now he is really going fast. And Chris found his first tooth a week ago and another one today (the bottom middle two)! He is such a joy! He is so happy, sleeps great at night, loves to cuddle, admires his big brother...pretty much his only flaw is that he doesn't take naps. Oh my. That is a pretty big one. But we will get through it. Really the only time he cries is when I put him in that darn crib during the day. At night, he goes right to sleep and doesn't make a peep for 10-12 hours. Somehow the crib is not a happy place during the day though. This pretty much makes me crazy everyday, but it is worth it because he is my baby and he is SWEET when I am not trying to get a nap out of him. I love him so much!


Will is approaching three-and-a-half-years-old and he is so much fun. This is the best age. He constantly makes me laugh. Sometimes he is trying to be funny, but most of the time he is funny without trying. He always has a pretend football game going on and it is pretty entertaining to hear all about his games everyday. Sometimes I am not allowed to call him by his name. He will correct me by saying, "I am not Will...I am football player." He still enjoys playing with cars, coloring, reading, painting, and watching tv. He recently learned how to play the Wii and he is pretty good at it. He likes all the sports games and Mario Cart. He has also been very interested in helping me in the kitchen lately. His favorite thing to do is pull a chair up to the sink and wash dishes. This will come in handy someday. He loves his baby brother and wants him to be in the same room with him most of the time. He is a great kid! He is hilarious, very smart, sometimes sensitive...always my little buddy! I love my Will!

Picture taken by Therese Barrett Photography.

I am so thankful for these two amazing little guys!