Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reed is 3 Months!


My little Reed turned 3-months-old and he is just as sweet as can be. I will say he is a homebody to the extreme. He is so happy at home and rarely complains, but the second I start to put him in his carseat he starts arching his back and crying. You would think I am torturing the poor little guy. He will just scream and scream in the car until he falls asleep or until we get somewhere and I get him out of his carseat. But even when he gets out of his carseat and we are not at home, he is not 100% happy. I guess he is very aware of his environment and feels most comfortable at home. It is probably a good change of pace for me. Sometimes I like to just go go go and now that I have Reed that doesn't like to do that, it keeps me at home a lot more and I am learning to be okay with that.

He is a GREAT sleeper. He sleeps 10:30-8:30 most nights. He slept until 9:15 this about spoiling mama on a Saturday!! His naps have gotten shorter, but he still takes several 30-45 minute naps throughout the day. I think he is going through the 3-4 month wakeful period and just doesn't want to miss out on anything right now. But I'm sure we will be able to work on stretching his naps eventually. I'm not too worried about it right now.

He is still a big least in comparison to Will. He was 14.5 pounds a few weeks ago. He is a good eater, but currently hates the bottle. He doesn't do any tricks yet...but to be honest, we have only done tummy time a few times, so I haven't really given the opportunity to learn how to roll yet. I just hate to mess with him, when he is so content to be just laying on his back all the time. The doctor said not to worry and we can start working on this at 4 that's what we will do! He has really started to watch his big brother and thinks he is pretty funny.



We love you sweet Reed!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will is 3!

I seriously cannot believe I have a 3-year-old. That seems so old! We had a race car birthday party for him this year. I said last year that it was the last birthday party we would have for Will at our house, but of course we ended up having it at our house again. When I first mentioned the idea of having the birthday party at Chuck E Cheese or McDonalds to Will, he said, "Nooo...I want the kids to come to my house!" I started to try to convince him to do it somewhere else and he did warm up to the idea, but then I got nervous that he would clam up like he sometimes does when we are out in public and I wanted him to have fun at his party. So we did have it at home...hopefully next year will be the year we have it somewhere else. It's not that having it here is the worst thing ever, but it always seems to stress me out and I can't enjoy the party myself...but this year, I just decided not to do food (just snacks) and that helped a lot. Oh, and Chris let me hire someone to clean the house!

Will's 3rd Birthday2 web


I really wanted a flag banner for the "Pit Stop" but I couldn't find one anywhere (it was too late to order online), so I made this one out of a table cloth and string.


Chris and I made these cars out of boxes and the kids decorated them and then raced them on a little race track we setup in the backyard.

This was the little kid heat.

Chris has been collecting Hot Wheels for Will since I was pregnant with him and we found out he was a boy. Since all the Hot Wheels stuff says it is for ages 3+, I told Chris we would have to wait until his 3rd birthday to give them to him...even though he already has a bunch that he has played with for awhile. But I think this might have at least triple his collection of cars and he only had a really simple race track Chris and Will spend their evenings designing all kinds of cool race tracks. It really is pretty cool...I didn't realize what the race tracks would be like.

I went to Walmart right before the party to pick up a few last minute items and found all these car shirts for cheap (they all just happened to be red)! They didn't have one in Reed's size so I bought him a red onesie and put a car sticker on it.


I will have to write more about my 3-year-old later, Reed is calling! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Will's Rainbow

Call us doting parents, but Will drew this rainbow from his heart this morning and Chris and I think it is pretty special. It is the first time that he has drawn something, told us what it is, and it actually looks like what he told us. :)