Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Since I took his 6 month pictures early, I had to take just a few pictures of him before we went to his doctor's appointment on his real 6 month birthday.

Of course, he dressed up for the occasion.

Big head, little body. I think this is why everyone says he is sooo big, when actually he is quite small for his age. I'm pretty sure I had this problem as a baby also...I'll have to see if I can find some pictures.

Taking a picture with the monthly signs is getting a little tricky. I tried to put it where he couldn't reach it, but he leaned over and got it.

And here are the avocado pictures, as promised...

"Mom, please don't make me eat avocados."

"I'm being tortured."

"Please help me, Dad!"

"What? Did you say I don't have to eat anymore avocados?"

"That makes me happy."

"They just thought they were going to make me eat avocados...but I didn't swallow any of it. hahahaha."

Last night, we put Will in his bouncer while we ate dinner because he was starting to fall asleep but we didn't think he'd last long in his crib. I looked over after a few minutes and saw this...

It scared me at first, but he thought it was pretty funny....

Finally, Will has been able to spend some more quality time with his BFF, Emma Kate, recently...

He hasn't quite figured her out....but he thinks she's pretty fun, nonetheless. Aren't their matching outfits cute? They had their second Taco Villa date today...but I didn't have a camera to take pictures.


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! I love the pic of him falling over in his chair. Classic!! Jackson did that, but he was heavy enough to flip the whole thing over on the carpet... I guess that's why they say never put those on an elevated surface. HA!

Eric & Lauren said...

Will is adorable! Hi Denae! Tell Chris hello for me too.