Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby Food

I just finished up making Will's first batch of sweet potatoes and I am so proud of myself that I just had to come share it with the blog world. I've been wanting to make Will's food instead of buying the jar stuff...but I didn't know if I would really be up to it once the time came.

Last week, I bought some avocados thinking that would be a really easy first food to give Will since it only requires some mashing. Wrong. Avocados turned out to be a pain and Will didn't even like them. Anyway, as I was browsing the organic produce, I noticed that sweet potatoes were 1.29 each and there was one HUGE sweet potato in there. It was at least twice the size of the other sweet potatoes in the bin, so I thought I would go ahead and buy it. It ended up making 20 ounces of pureed sweet potatoes! Gerber sweet potatoes cost 59 cents per jar. There are 2.5 ounces in a jar. That is about 23 cents an ounce. Mine cost about 6 cents an ounce! I saved almost 75%! I'm sure the savings would be even more if I had used normal sweet potatoes, rather than organic.

I'm thinking it was worth the effort considering it will be enough sweet potatoes for at least a month. I just peeled the sweet potato, cut it into chunks, and steamed it. After steaming it, I pureed it in the blender and spooned it into two ice cube trays. Tomorrow, I will transfer the frozen cubes to freezer bags and when Will is ready to eat it, I'll just remove a cube or two from the bag and thaw it. I'm really excited about this now that I've made my first batch and I'm anxious to try some other food! I'm just hoping Will likes sweet potatoes.

On a related note, we gave avocados one last try yesterday. He did better with them, but still didn't seem to like them too much. He would at least get the avocado in his mouth, but he wouldn't swallow and eventually just spit it out. So we moved on to rice cereal today and he did a lot better. I think he even swallowed most of it. Maybe he can try out those sweet potatoes later this week!

To make up for the boring post, I will leave you with this video that I am totally stealing from Trichelle's blog...but it is the cutest thing. Chris and I have watched it over and over again and it is still funny!

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The M Family said...

woo girl! that's impressive!
some of my friends make their own too and have made it sound pretty easy but after reading yours i think i might have to try it out...well, that is once i figure out which foods kate likes and whether or not she is allergic...i already bought a 4-pack sampler of veggies and another one of fruits...but once i try it out i'll let you know how it goes! thanks for the explanation!