Friday, September 7, 2007

So Glad...

...I started blogging! I've only had this blog for 3 months and haven't even posted that much since Will was born, but it is so fun to look back and read some of my entries and remember what I was thinking about when I was writing them (and how life was so different then). It really made me laugh that I posted that Eviction Notice the day before I went into labor - what an obedient child I have! I also read the comments from when Will was first born. I'm sure I've read them before, but didn't remember reading them at all! It must have been during that "two week blur" right after Will was born. It was fun to read how excited everyone was that Will was finally here. It is also really weird to see pictures of me pregnant. I really can't even remember what it was like to be pregnant and it still feels a little surreal that I carried Will in there for NINE months and I didn't even know him yet! I can't imagine life without him now.

Now it is YOUR turn to start a blog for me to read! You know you want to!

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The M Family said...

thanks for leaving that message denae! i'm glad to know God used what he was showing me to encourage you! :)
and...i totally remember you (whitney had told me a while back that you and chris had will on the same day as kate) and think it is so fun that our babies share a birthday! tell chris hi from me...and i'll definitely be checking up on will's adventures from now on! know that i'll be praying for you whenever i encounter those challenging moments of new mommyhood!
bye for now, jennifer