Thursday, June 7, 2007

Will's Shower

Will's shower was last Sunday and he got everything he needed and more! So many people love him already - he is so lucky.

Donna did such a great job decorating the table - don't you love that "W" sign she made? It goes perfectly with the colors we are using for his room (navy and lime green). Kristin said we should hang it on the door at the hospital and I thought that was a great idea. So be looking for it when you come visit us at the hospital! I also loved that cake - isn't it cute?

Nana, Chris's grandmother, is making this quilt for Will. I love it because the fabric for each letter represents that letter (the A fabric has apples on it, B has butterflies, etc.). I think Will will have a lot of fun learning his letters this way. Both Nana and Cindy, Chris's mom, are really great quilters. Cindy made me a quilt for my birthday one year and she made us a quilt for our bed and gave it to us as a wedding gift. Nana also made us a quilt for a wedding gift and I use it every day. All of these quilts are very special to us. I may have to show off all of our quilts in a blog one day. Cindy is making Will's bedding and I will be sure to post pictures of it when it is all finished.

It looks like I am very excited about those diapers! I just wanted to put this on here so I can remember to keep that attitude. :)

Meg made it to Will's shower all the way from Arizona! She just happened to be in town last weekend and she was actually on her way to catch a flight back home. Meg is one of my oldest friends. She moved to Arizona to live with her dad the year I was going into high school (she was a grade ahead of me) and I cried for days when she told me she was moving. It is always fun to get to see her and I know Will is glad that she was able to make an appearance at his shower!

This is all of Will's new stuff from the shower after I organized it very nicely in our living room. We are still waiting on the crib so that we can get his room put together and get everything nicely organized in there. So everyone be praying that the crib comes in - it really is a blog for another day, but I think I may go crazy if that crib doesn't get here soon!

Thanks everyone for coming to the shower and for all the fun gifts!


Ashley said...

Welcome to blogland! A Page Is Turned was our wedding video song too and it is "our song". I love Bebo.

Congrats on Will! I can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like so much more stuff spead out all over your living room , ha