Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father or Not?

I gave Chris a Father's Day card and a little box of chocolates this morning before church. On our way to church, he was talking about how it is weird that he really is a dad now and it doesn't feel like he should be celebrating Father's Day. He said he feels like he should still be the kid in the family. During the service, all the fathers were asked to stand up and Chris just couldn't bring himself to stand up quite yet, even though everyone around us was looking at him and nudging him to get up....but it didn't bother me because I couldn't decide if he was really a father yet or not. I guess next year will be his first real Father's Day. We were driving back from Dallas on Mother's Day this year, so the issue didn't come up then.

Nonetheless, I did surprise Chris with a Father's Day present at lunch. I got him a digital picture frame so that I can take lots of pictures of Will while we are at home during the day and then he can see what we get to do at home all day. We did finally decide that I will not be going back to work after Will gets here, which Chris is totally supportive of, but he keeps saying that he just can't figure out what we are going to do all day. He is positive that we will be bored out of our minds. So I am going to take pictures of what is going on so that he can be assured that we are not bored. Anyway, he LOVES the picture frame and can't wait to get some pictures of Will on there.

Well, I really do intend to post a blog more than once a week. I started out good and I know I let my readers down this week. Hopefully, that will be rare but we just had a rather eventful week. I'll just give you a quick run down of what has been going on:

Monday: The crib we ordered was supposed to come in - it didn't. I know I've said in another post that I would tell the crib story later, but this is going to have to be another teaser for now. I really do want devote an entire post about why NOT to order a crib from Wal-Mart. But for now, I will just say that in the end, it didn't ever come in and so I was determined to find a crib on Monday. So I spent the afternoon looking for a crib that I could pick up that night. I bribed my family - Mom, Dad, Lance (my brother), and Staci (my cousin) - into coming over to help by fixing them dinner. After dinner, the boys left to pick up the furniture and us girls stayed home and worked on getting the room ready for the furniture. I think we finished getting all the furniture put together by 1 am. I don't think feeding them dinner was enough - so maybe a big fat THANK YOU (and a shout out on the blog) will do! ha!

Tuesday: We had our 4th installment of childbirth class. This class was mostly devoted to infant care and again, was very informative. However, Chris does not approve of my swaddling skills and insists that he is a better swaddler than me. I guess swaddling will just have to be his job! :)

Wednesday: We finally moved my computer desk out of Will's room. That has been a big change. Chris and I are not used to sharing a computer and we really still don't have to share because we still have his desktop and his laptop. What could be the problem, you may be wondering. Well, Chris likes to be working on his desktop (which has two monitors I should add) while watching a movie on his laptop. So we are learning to share. But I am also learning that I really don't need to be using the computer so much and I actually like it. I get a lot of other stuff done. A lot of times, I would just find myself sitting at my computer desk playing on the computer while I should have been doing a lot of other things. I think this will be a good change and I haven't missed my own computer as much as I thought I would.

Thursday: My mom and I worked on decorating Will's room all afternoon. It is looking good, but we still have some stuff to do so I will post pictures as soon as it's all finished up. That night, Chris went straight from work to Beau and Kimberly's wedding rehearsal and then I met him at the rehearsal dinner.

Friday: Chris was a groomsman in Beau & Kimberly's wedding. They had a very pretty wedding at First United Methodist Church and then a really fun reception at Spirit Ranch (the old County Line). They had a Sheridan's cart at the reception which was the highlight of Chris's night. I was feeling pretty good all night until I sat down and looked at my feet. They were HUGE! They look fat all the time now, but this was worse than ever (I guess from standing up in heels all night). It totally freaked me out and I decided that I needed to go home immediately. Chris wanted to be a good groomsman and stay the whole time, so luckily, one of my best friend's parents were there and they were happy to take me home. Thanks Pat & Danny! I really should have taken a picture of my feet, they were awful.

Saturday: I woke up to find that my feet were back to their normal pregnancy fatness and no longer looked like balloons that somewhat resembled feet. Phew. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and shopping for Father's Day presents. Then I had my Pokeno group last night (which is sort of like Bunko). That is always fun!

Sunday: We took our dads to Ruby Tequila's for lunch and then everyone came over to see the progress in Will's room. Cindy (Chris's mom) came over tonight with the crib skirt and bumpers! They look so cute! I can't wait until everything is finished so that I can post a picture. Now, I am obviously catching up on the blog and about to catch up on some TV that I missed this week.

Well, this didn't turn out to be so much of a quick rundown of the week - sorry if you have made it this far! :) Oh, and I didn't remember to bring my camera anywhere this week. I have got to get better about that now that I have a blog to keep up with. This week should be much less eventful, so maybe I'll get a chance to fill you in on the crib drama. I hope everyone has a great week!

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Ashley said...

I am interested to hear your crib story and to see the pictures of Will's room.

I also have more bad news for you...more swelling is in store during these last few weeks! Hang in there!