Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Before & In Between

Living Room
IMG_4706 web




I love love love the new paint color! It brightens up the rooms so much. I did not want yellow when I was picking out paint colors, but what we ended up with is pretty close to yellow and I can't believe how much I love it.

IMG_4703 web


The kitchen actually got its first coat of green tonight...it's a little different than what we expected, but hopefully we will like it!

Our Bedroom
IMG_4708 web


The paint is finished in here (I think it ended up getting painted the same color that it was before), but we obviously have a mess to clean up. And by the way, we did finally get matching lamps to replace the lamps that each of us have had since we were 12. Seriously. :) Maybe someday we will get bedroom furniture!

Our Bathroom
IMG_4710 web


Wallpaper is off!

Will's Room


What a difference!

Guest Bathroom

Unfortunately I did not take a before picture of the lovely wallpaper that was in this bathroom, but I wanted to show this in between picture anyway because I LOVE this mirror.

As of tonight, all of the walls officially have at least their first coat of the new colors...so there is an end in sight! The game room and office aren't pictured above but they have been finished for awhile. They were just taped off and not acessible when I took the pictures. Each day it looks more and more like OUR house.


Ingram Gang said...

Poor Raider Red. :)
Everything looks great so far. Can't wait to see the final product.

Unknown said...

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The Barnyards said...

Looks great!!!

Kristi said...

It looks so good! How exciting!

Leslie said...

Great choices on the paint! The house definitely looks brighter but still so warm. I LOVE your kitchen! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Jamie said...

Wow - The living room looks like a totally different place! :) I LOVE the paint! Can't wait to see it finished! Call me and I'll come over to help!

Sarah said...

Denae! I love it! Can't wait to come visit you guys. Miss you!

Darci White said...

Looking good! That yellow looks wonderful - so much brighter!

Did you guys have someone else take down the wallpaper? That seems like a chore!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Wow, Denae! What an undertaking! I love the new paint colors though. It really changes the entire house. I think my favorite is Will's room and the living room... How long did it take to prime Will's room though?? lol!

Lacey said...

Can't wait to see the house now that you're getting it all put together! Have you changed Will's bed to a toddler bed?

meresalge said...

Soo... where are the after pictures??? I'm anxious to see them!