Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm lovin' it.

I really loathe McDonald's as everyone in my family knows (another story for another day...but probably not). I mean every once in awhile I might get just a plain cheeseburger from there and by every once in awhile, I mean once every few years.

Anyway, after I dropped Will off at PDO this morning I had a few minutes to kill before my workout and I remembered that I hadn't eaten breakfast. A donut (or two) crossed my mind, but I was on my way to workout so that just didn't seem quite right.

I have no idea how this happened, but the McDonald's parfait popped into my head. My mom told me about it a long long time ago. So of course I pulled up my new app Lose It! on my handy dandy iphone just to make sure there weren't a ton of calories...only 156 with granola! The thought of fruit from McDonald's did make me want to gag a little bit, but I thought I might as well try it out. To my surprise, it was really quite good and only $1.08 with tax! And the fruit was actually frozen fruit...which didn't taste as good as fresh fruit, but I'm thinking that it tasted better than "fresh" fruit from McDonald's would have tasted. To say "I'm lovin it" might be a stretch, but for a McDonald's hater like myself to say it was good, is saying a lot!

Oh, and if you have an iphone you must install the Lose it! app. It's awesome!! You can keep track of your food and exercise...and it already has every food on there (even the McDonald's parfait!). I've been meaning to install it, but just remembered last night and I just think it is great already. It even lets you set your goal and figures out your allowed calories in a day in order to meet your goal. If you go over, it tells you and highlights the number in red. I think this could really motivate me.

In other news, we are moving in about a week and a half! Our house is SOLD and we should be closing on our new house Monday! I should probably start packing now....


Unknown said...

I must know why you hate McD's. I want an iphone just for that fun app. If you want some help packing, I really like doing that kind of stuff (when it is not my own) and we ought to catch up.

Kenley King said...

i also hate mcdonalds. i think it is so gross. even the thought of their chicken makes me want to throw up. nate loves this place because of their fries but then always complains of a stomach ache when he is done eating it. go figure.

congrats on the house! when you pack your house come on over and pack mine too, please?

Sarah said...

I would rather not eat than have mcdonalds. But, if I am ever there, it is for the yogurt or iced coffee. Both are very good and not many calories. :)

Darci White said...

that's awesome news (about the house)!!!!!!!!!

the yogurt parfait is one of the few things i eat at mcdonalds!