Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Zoo

We took Will to the zoo for the first time....he loved looking at all of the animals!






The zebra had an itch.





And I love these flowers...I think I might print them and hang them in my house somewhere.





Home of Harris said...

The zoo is such a womderful place to go, I loved getting to take the girls when we lived in Albuquerque. What zoo is this? Every picture is stunning. I really like the one of Chris, Will and his parents looking at something, it appears a little comical to me. And I agree with you, those flower photos are "hang on the wall" or I say "enter a contest" worthy.

Leslie said...

I also like the pic of Chris, Will and your grandparents, but because Chris looks very serious with the map, like he has a plan for tackling the zoo and he is just waiting for you all to get done and move on to the next animal! Looks like fun. Will is such a cutie!

Paige Allen said...

Denae, you are becoming a REALLY wonderful photographer...great pics! And glad you had fun at the zoo!

Anonymous said...

these pictures are amazing!! You're so talented! hope yall are having fun!

Heidi said...

These are fantastic! I love the one of Will and the Gorilla!

mandal said...

Love your pics!! Hope you are having a good time!! And I don't understand what you are confused about my toes??:) I just have ugly toes so I got pretty nails put on them!:) You're funny!!!!!

Jennifer-Colley said...

Those pics are amazing! I have decided that your son is the cutest thing in the world! Oh my goodness he is absolutely precious!

Sarah said...

Love all the animal pics! I love the one of Will and the gorilla. Looks like ya'll had fun!

mandal said...

Your zoo pictures are WAYYY cuter than any of ours. You are the best behind the camera!!!!

AMBER C said...

We missed you on Monday night, but I know you guys are having a great time.

CONNIE said...

I miss you! It looks like you are having fun. Will is cute in every setting!

Anonymous said...

your pictures really are great Denae .. I love looking at them!!