Friday, October 24, 2008



Everyone knows that life can be busy at times and you just don't get to see your friends as often as you want even if they live close by. Well, it just so happens that Will and Emma Kate have been able to spend some quality time together this last week and they are really starting to become buddies. It is so much fun and so cute.

We took them to the pumpkin patch last weekend...well we thought it was going to be a pumpkin patch, but I think Kristin misunderstood (just kidding, Kristin!). There were at least a few pumpkins there to take pictures with. We all rode in the same car. Emma Kate has a big carseat but it still faces backwards and Will's faces they got to look at and talk to each other during the drive. They even held hands part of the way.

Today we took them to shop and play at the mall. At one point, Will had his arm hanging over the side of his stroller and Emma Kate reached out and grabbed his hand! Can you picture how adorable this was...two young moms strolling down the mall (with the exact same stroller) and their baby's arms stretched out holding hands? (We are still young, right?) Oh how I wish I had my camera handy at that moment! Later, Emma Kate cheered Will on as he went down the slide at mall playground over and over again. She went down a few times, but she seemed to prefer standing at the bottom waiting for Will to come down.

After they both had long naps this afternoon, we got to meet up again for dinner. I'm pretty sure they were excited to see each other again.

I took this picture with my iphone. I'm not sure I would call this hand was more like arm wrestling but they were both enjoying it for the most part! (That is a "Superman for President" sticker on Will's back that a nice lady at Baby Gap gave him.)

This picture was taken when Emma Kate was just a month old and Will was almost 6 months old. I promise we did not stage this! Do you think they were just meant to hold hands or what?

We are grateful for our buddies - Brice, Kristin, and Emma Kate!

Will is also grateful for his pumpkin buddy.

He could have done this all night!


Ashley said...

Cute and sweet post. True friends are such a blessing

The Barnyards said...

Adorable!! What sweet friends!!

mandal said... cute.