Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not enough time in the day!

Sorry, friends! We went on vacation last week and I have been so busy getting caught up with work stuff that I have neglected my blog. But my little buddy, Will, turned 15-months-old today so I fully intend to at least write and update on him after his doctor's appointment tomorrow. Can you believe he is so grown up already?


Anonymous said...

You should just stay up later and blog!

mandal said...

I miss your blogs:( But I know you are BUSY! And that's a good thing. About Christmas cards...I don't care which one it is. It will be cute whatever you choose. So I leave it up to you. And I will bring the $ to your house. If you need anything else from me call me:) And I think I detected a little sarcasm from Chris!

Sarah said...

I need new pics of WILL! I miss you guys! We should chat soon and you should update your blog.