Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This and That

Today we went out to the Apple Orchard that is just on the other side of Idalou to meet up with some friends. The family of some good friends of ours (Travis & Brenda) own it. I can't believe I had never been out there. Of course I have driven by it many times and Brenda has even invited me to go several times, but it had just never worked out. I also didn't know that they served was really good and Will had a ton of fun playing with all the boys. I would say it was worth the trip out there or if you're ever driving by going in or out of town, you should stop by.

All the boys ready for a ride around the orchard.

Will getting a sweet kiss from Jeremiah.











When we first met up with everyone today, Elijah showed me how his teeth were missing because he had to have them pulled. Later, I was trying to take a picture of him and I told him to show me how his teeth were gone. After I took it, he asked to see the picture so I showed it to him and he said, "Uh-oh! Where's my teeth?" Hilarious!


I've also been needing to do a little Will update. He has started saying some words and I want to keep track of it. I may add to the list if I think of more.

- nigh nigh (night night)
- buk (book)
- baw (ball)
- duh (duck)
- dah (that)
- dad
- dada (daddy)
- mumum (mama)
- muh (milk)
- moh (more)
- down
- yum

Now he does not say these words consistently and rarely on demand...but when he does say them, it makes sense (not just random babbling) so I'm counting them as words. The last two he just said in the last two days and he said them at the appropriate times...they even came out clear as day. This could have been coincidence...but I will just say he is really smart. I am also happy to say that he has not yet said "no"...I'm sure it is coming, but for a long time I thought I didn't want to tell him "no" (yeah right) because I didn't want him to catch on and say it to me all the time. Well, I do have to tell him "no" quite often and he hasn't repeated it yet. :)

There are a couple of funny things about him that I want to mention. First, he has become a streaker. When we get him undressed at night for his bath he just wants to run around the house naked until we make him get in the bath. He does the same thing when we take him out of the bath and will fight to get out of the towel until we let him run free. He thinks it is hilarious and just runs around and laughs and laughs. So cute. He also looooves to get his teeth brushed and when I am finished brushing them, he will brush them himself for a few minutes. Chris and I laugh at how much he loves it.

A few of his favorite things right now - being chased around the house, shutting doors, music! (this is a big one), fruit, Cheerios, water, balls, going outside, sitting on the couch, and getting approval (I love this). When he thinks he has done something good, he will clap for himself and then look at us to clap for him if we haven't already.

I have been trying to teach him how to "be sweet" recently. A lot of times he will slap my arm while I am holding him. He's just playing around, but I will grab his hand and rub it gently on my arm and tell him to "be sweet"...then he will smile and lay his head on my shoulder. He's such a schmoozer! I love it!

And finally, a couple of you have asked about Twitter. I really don't know what all it involves, but I know that I can put it on the side of my blog and post updates on what I am doing. It's kind of like status updates on Facebook or Myspace but it's on my blog. I like it because I put it on my new iphone (woohoo) so when I am bored, like waiting in the dentist office, I can just post a quick status update and it gives me something to waste my time on for about 30 seconds. ha.


mandal said...

We love Will:)
And we love the apple orchard! We are going in a couple of weeks!
Connor and Will should have a playdate. I think the more they are around each other, the more they will learn to not hit each other:) Or maybe not...but they crack me up either way.

CONNIE said...

How fun and cute! I can add to the list of words Pop-gop he says it alot when he is here visiting us. I know that Lolli is coming soon!!

Sarah said...

He looks like a little boy! What I mean is, I can't believe he isn't a tiny baby anymore. Can't wait to see you guys! Tell Chris and Will I said HI!