Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Pictures!

Amanda took our pictures tonight and did such a great job! I'm so excited. Thanks Amanda!!!!

First of all, this is how Will acted most of the night...

IMG_9917ec web

...just so you know Amanda did not have it easy. I think he got hot in the very beginning and never really snapped out of it. Poor baby.

IMG_9703 (2)ec web

IMG_9744 (2)e web
Notice Chris being goofy...I bet he didn't think I would put this one on here. ha!

IMG_9665 web

IMG_9655e web

IMG_9771ec web

IMG_9774ecv web

IMG_9899ec web

Didn't Amanda do good? I love them!


mandal said...

I love them!!!! I am so excited! Yay:) Y'all are so cute. Whew, I don't have to be nervous anymore.

Sarah said...

Good Job Amanda! These are so cute Denae. I miss you guys! Love these pics.

The Barfields said...

The pics are all so great!! Will is so precious! Thanks for sharing!!

Ashley said...

so cute! I love the colors you picked too! Will is such a big boy now!

Anonymous said...

Amanda did an awesome job!! I saw her in Old Navy yesterday and she forgot to mention that she took those stunning pics of y'all. She did say you were taking their pics, so I can't wait to see those! You have a beautiful family!!!

CONNIE said...

Amanda did amazing! I love them all!

Kristi said...

Those look great denae! I love the one of you two on the log watching will. So precious!

Anonymous said...

Will of course looks precious and Denae you look great!!