Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ready for Will

We spent all day yesterday getting ready for Will's arrival. I went through all the gifts we got at Chris's work shower, finished up Will's laundry, and did a little organizing in his room. Chris put together the swing and the highchair (yes, I know he won't need it for awhile), installed the carseat bases in both of our cars, set up the Angelcare Sounds & Movement monitor, and cleaned the house. Wow, he did a lot! Thanks Chris!

Here are some funny Chris moments from the day:

- After he put together the swing, he was playing with it a little bit and I asked him, "Do you think Will's going to like it?" And he said, "Probably not. It seems pretty boring to me." But he continued playing with it for awhile and then when his dad came over, he was very excited to show him what all it could do....must not be so boring afterall.

- After he put together the highchair (which Chris calls his Nascar chair because of the five-point safety harness), he pushed it up to the dining room table and I told him that we would most likely be using it in the kitchen since our dining room has carpet...that way Will can throw his food everywhere. Chris took offense to my comment and said, "Give him a little credit."

- This is my favorite. Jim (Chris's dad) brought over a piece of plywood to put under the crib mattress so that we could put the motion sensor pad that goes with the monitor on it (if you haven't seen the Angelcare monitor, you need to). Well after we got that all put in place, Chris plugged everything in and very excitedly ran into our bedroom to plug in the parent unit. Jim and I stayed in Will's room talking and then we hear Chris in the other room saying, "I can hear y'all!! Can you hear me? Can you hear me??" He was very disappointed when I told him that we weren't supposed to be able hear him....he said he thought it was more of a walkie-talkie type thing. haha! I can just picture Will waking us up crying in the middle of the night and Chris talking into the monitor, calmly telling him to go back to sleep. So funny.

I think we are fairly ready for him now. Maybe ready isn't the right word....I guess I'll say we're more prepared for him now. I don't know if we'll ever really be ready, but there's no turning back now and we are really excited to meet him! And if all else fails, at least he has plenty of clothes to wear!

Oh, and I guess my doctor's appointment on Wednesday is what got me motivated to do all this. Going into the appointment, I hadn't decided if I wanted my doctor to check for progress (he had said at my last appointment he would check if I wanted him to). I really didn't think there would be any since I wasn't even 36 weeks yet, so I was thinking about saving myself the trouble. But then I found out that he was going to be out of town this whole week, so I thought I better have him check just in case. Turns out, I'm dilated to a 1 (maybe a 2). That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I guess the reality hit that Will is on his way out. My doctor did say that he doesn't think I'll last 42 weeks (phew!), but he was also pretty confident that I would still be pregnant when he gets back in town on July 9th.


Anonymous said...

You guys always make me laugh. I love the pictures. Will is going to be so proud of how handy his daddy is. He can build anything.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs! Will is going to be one special guy with such awesome parents!

Anonymous said...

Denae- I am so thrilled for you and Chris. What an amazing blessing. I look forward to continuing to read your blog. I love the updates!


whitney sue said...

i could totally hear Chris saying the give him a little credit bit. :) haha