Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th

We had a fun July 4th this year! We went out to 4th on Broadway for awhile in the morning to eat some good food and see what all was going on out there. After resting all afternoon, we went over to some friends' house to eat some hot dogs. Then we headed out to Mackenzie Park for the concert and fireworks show. We really had a lot of fun and I felt really good all day. Unfortunately, I woke up with a pretty bad stomach ache in the middle of the night and ended up having to sleep on the couch. I can't decide if it was the fajitas, sausage stick, cheesecake, rocky road ice cream, hot dogs, or funnel cake that made me feel so sick. :)

Chris & Me

Lacey & Mom

Me & Kristin

Chris & Lance


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April Carrasco said...

Are you having a baby yet?