Monday, November 23, 2009


Chris and Will are reading the Jesus Storybook Bible right now. Chris called me in there because they were looking at a page that had pictures of about eight different Bible characters on it and Chris read them to Will once and then he remembered who all of them were. He wanted to ask me if we had looked at them before and that's how he remembered them so well...but we hadn't. Yes, he is that smart! :)

Sometimes when he notices that we are trying to get him to "perform" he starts being silly because he knows we will laugh. Chris said after a few times of him naming all the characters correctly, he went through a few of them again and it went like this: "Peter...Mary...Daniel...Bob." Bob was actually Moses...but it did make us laugh. Good one, buddy!

I will admit that a lot of the things he says right now make me laugh even though they normally wouldn't be funny. There is just something about words that actually make sense coming out of a two-year-old's mouth. At dinner he said, "I dropped my napkin" and Chris and I both laughed. Now what is funny about that?

On Saturday morning, Chris and Will went to get donuts and and then went to the park. They were home before I ever woke up. When I did wake up, Will got very excited and the first thing he said to me was, "Mommy want a donut?" Hilarious! I cannot get it out of my head...I hope I never forget how that sounded.

And I will end with one sweet story. Will woke up crying before I went to bed a few nights ago. He was still half asleep when I went in there, but I patted his back gave him kisses before I left. He asked for "more kisses" three times and after the third time of more kisses, he said, "Thank you!" and rolled over to go to sleep. Sweet boy!

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