Monday, August 3, 2009

We had a ball!

Will turned 2 a few weeks ago and we had a ball themed birthday party for him at our house! It was tons of fun, but I have decided that this may be the last year that we do the birthday party at our house. It always seems like it will be so simple, but turns out to be so much work...even though I had lots of helpers (thanks Mom, Lacey, Brandi, & Staci!). I really like doing it, but when it's over, I feel like it just flew by without me really getting to enjoy the party (not that it was for me to enjoy anyway...but that is beside the point). I didn't even do very good with taking pictures this year...but here are a few I did take:

These were the invitations. It was a ball inside of a little box. On the inside flap of the box, there was a sticker with Will's picture and it said "Have a ball! I'm turning 2, y'all!" I thought this was the best idea ever and then I took them to the post office to mail them and I was told they were too small to mail! It made me very sad for a few minutes and then I decided that I would just deliver them to mailboxes myself. The funny thing is my cousin's mailman returned hers to my mailbox (mailed it back to me) with a stamp that said "postage required"...ha!




There were lots of balls to play with and Grandma got Will his favorite present - a bouncer. Lots of fun was had in the bouncer and we still get it out several nights a week. The older neighborhood kids even like to come over and bounce with Will!

We had all types of ball food - cheese ball puffs, meat balls, sausage balls, melon balls, spinach artichoke cheese ball, chocolate chip cheese ball, and cake balls.

Aunt Lacey made the cake with whoppers on it!

Will really enjoyed opening presents this year...but Pop and Lolli's card was his favorite thing to open (it sang "who let the dogs out?" and it sadly ran out of juice yesterday).

Overall, it was a FUN birthday! I am excited about all the future parties I get to plan but grateful that there is a year in between each one. :)


Monica Curry said...

You are TOO creative! LOVE IT! Looks like a fun fun party, down to the very last detail! Will is a lucky little man!

Kenley King said...

OH Denae! This is such a cute idea! You did great! I need a piece of that whopper cake by the way! Will is so handsome!

mandal said...

Ha Ha!! Wait til you have more than one kid. Birthday parties come real fast then :) And I just now realized all the food you had were related to the bday theme!! You're so good! Will looks so cute in his new pics!

The M Family said...

great idea! looks like he had a blast! happy late birthday will!

mark and elizabeth said...

sooooo creative! you're the greatest mom ever :) we sure miss yall! Looks like yall had a blast!! hope to see you soon!