Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Future Tattoo Artist

Will hasn't told me his career aspirations yet, but I think he gives body art a new meaning.

Will_2559 web
Everything looks pretty normal...right?

Will_2561 web

I may or may not have been distracted by something else while Will was playing with a pen. And I noticed the wonderful art just as I was telling him that he didn't need a bath tonight. Wrong again. I am not exaggerating when I say that my jaw dropped and I covered my mouth (just as I'm sure many mothers have when they discover a real tattoo on their child). Will immediately started laughing hysterically at that point and kept laughing long enough for me to take off his clothes and take these pictures. Fun times!


amazz said...

Ah, yes. Just wait until he writes his name in permanant red sharpie all up his leg and then starts on the couch and then moves to the wall in his bedroom. Can you tell we have been having issues at our house? LOL!

Will's such a cutie it doesn't matter if he is covered in ink!

The Barfields said...


Gordy and Ruth said...

at least it's washable right? I guess we'll both have bigger problems when the boys start using non washable things. Will is such a cutie!

mandal said...

He is so proud of himself! What a cutie!

Monica Curry said...

I think it must be some kind of "baby/kid rite of passage" to write on themselves...that is tooo funny...glad it wasn't sharpie! He is tooooo cute!! Glad you got pictures of that!