Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Shed

We have this really awesome shed in our backyard that I have been thinking would be fun to use for some photos. Apparently, our neighbors don't feel the same way about the shed, which means it will be coming down soon. So I took Will outside to play in it tonight. Turns out, he was quite the poser tonight...please ignore the fact that he seriously needs a haircut....I didn't bother to fix him up like I normally would since it was almost bedtime. I had no idea he would be so cooperative.




And I have been horrible about blogging about my little man, so I should probably give a little update. Although today really isn't the best day to do it since he has been constantly fussing at me. I think I heard the words "hold you" about five thousand times today. Normally, it would melt my heart...but about 30 seconds after I pick him up, he wants down...only to start the fussing again. Oh my. I am praying this phase passes quickly.

Anyway, besides the fussiness, he has really started talking a lot more. He will repeat pretty much anything we say....which hasn't been a problem yet. Except for my sighing and growling. ha...that sounds really funny. I have never noticed that I do this until Will started doing it. Apparently, instead of saying choice words, I growl..."argh!" And now Will does it too. Chris says we also sigh at the same time. Funny.

He has started watching a little bit of TV. He's still not too interested and won't watch for very long. Every now and then he requests "Elmo"...but he really means Nemo.

He has developed a love for his Hot Wheels. It's a good thing because Chris has a huge collection for him that he is saving for his 3rd birthday. I originally said he couldn't play with Hot Wheels until he was 3 since that's what the package says, but he probably has about 30 that he already plays with...and a track.

He has been eating better! He is a really picky eater and we have to bribe him with other food to get him to eat the food that is currently on his plate...whatever works!

He is really good at pointing to his eyes, ears, nose, belly, toes, etc. He tries to count, but doesn't really know his numbers...so he acts like he's counting by pointing and saying something...just not numbers (well maybe he throws a two or three out there sometimes). He sort of knows colors and animals...sometimes he knows them, sometimes he doesn't...or he acts like he doesn't. We have also been trying to teach him animal sounds, which is pretty hilarious.

He has made some neighborhood friends. There are several kids that live in houses that we share an alley with. Since our driveways are in the alley, they are out there playing most afternoons and Will cannot get enough of them. They actually get really excited to see him too...even though they are all much older than him (the youngest is 7).

He graduated from his one-year-old class at PDO and will be moving up to the two-year-old class next week. This made me really sad and I even cried when I read the book he (his teachers) made throughout the school year. I am not a crier, so this was a big deal. I really am nervous about this transition and I hope he does okay. He has really grown to love "school" this year.

Well that is enough updating for now...hopefully in the next update I will be able to report that the fussy stage is long gone!


CONNIE said...

I want some of these pics! Adorable!!!

mandal said...

He is such a cutie! Connor is doing the same thing as far as fussiness goes. Ahhh! He stops for Chad but not for me! Oh well.

Funfor5andunder said...

I know a family that needs a shed for their backyard if you are just going to tear it down.

Denae said...

It's in pretty bad shape (hence the reason the neighbors don't like it) and we've been told it would cost more than it's worth to fix it. So Chris told someone they could have the lumber if they would tear it down.

Brandi said...

I love that sweet boy!! If I have to have a boy I want one just like him :)