Sunday, May 10, 2009

MY Week!

Well this has been MY week because my birthday was Wednesday and then of course, Mother's Day today. We have pretty much celebrated the entire week (thanks to Cole's graduation also falling this week)....I am not looking forward to tomorrow when I have to start cooking and cleaning again. :) It has been a good week though. I took my usual Sunday nap today while Chris cleaned the house and mowed the lawn. Then he cooked dinner for us tonight! It makes me exhausted just think about doing all of that in one afternoon.

Chris got me a new little camera for my birthday...which I really wanted. I have had fun playing with it and Will actually LOVES to smile at this camera...yet I have to trick him into looking at my "big" camera. Go figure!

Big Smile

Giving me a "big squeeze" for my birthday!

This morning before church...a very happy Mother's Day!

The truth is that I asked for this camera so that Chris would actually take pictures of Will and me. Just kiddding...kind of. :)

I also got a new camera for my business this week which is really exciting! I had to take a few pictures of Will eating his corn tonight because he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. And I have to admit he looked pretty cute...corn in the teeth and all.

Will 5.10.0976ec

Will 5.10.0963ec

Will 5.10.0971ec


Jamie said...

:) I'm glad you had a fun week! Will is too cute! Such a little man in your Mother's Day pic!

Home of Harris said...

Cute pics. I have to ask, what kind of cameras?


CONNIE said...

I love the pics!!! I would like some of you and Will. Thanks for making my Mother's Day great. I love you!!

amazz said...

I got a little camera for Mother's Day, too! I wanted one I could stick in my purse to have for those times when I just don't want to lug around that Rebel. :) And Will is adorable as always!!

Denae said...

Tiffany - little camera: Canon ELPH, big camera: Canon 5D Mark II. :)

Sarah said...

Will- can you be any cuter!?! Goodness, I wish I could come over and play right now. Sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day.

kristen lewis said...

You deserve a whole week! I love the corn pictures.

Darci White said...

1.) Happy belated Mother's Day.

2.) What great pics!!!!!!!

3.) Your little guy is getting so big!