Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Thoughts: Late Night Edition

- Do real people get Botox? I told Chris this morning that I need Botox and he said that normal people don't get it. I'm not even sure I know what it's for. I even googled it just now, and I'm still not sure...just think I might need it.

- I think I am the only one that is happy Spring Break is over. I really missed those two "school" days this week. Don't get me wrong...I love hanging out with my boy, but I think the break twice a week is good for both of us.

- Kristin and I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight (loved it!) and as she showed me the special way to put napkins in the cup holder so that they would wrap around the coke we were sharing in a certain way, I wondered if our husbands share a coke when they go to the movie together. hmmm...?

- Our five year anniversary is in a few months. Have we really been married that long? I am hoping to go back to where we went on our honeymoon (El Dorado Royale in Mexico) to celebrate. It would be our third time...but is Mexico too dangerous right now? Even in the resort areas? Any other suggestions for a resort that is not in Mexico? EDR is my happy place and I hate to go anywhere else, but we do have a son that we need to come back home to.

- I went running three times last week...on my own! I need to do it again this week.(running = very light jogging)

- I will try to decorate my house this week, so that I can take pictures and show you! Better yet, you should just come over and me. In fact, you can help me decorate. Chris doesn't trust me to do it anyway. He keeps suggesting people that I should get to help me.

- Night night!


Kenley King said...

So about Mexico...We are going to Cozumel with our friends in May and we were all worried at first too. BUT from what we understand, the resort areas are not dangerous and basically, the danger is if you go into town or are trying to "score drugs". Also, I think a lot of the problem in in Cancun or downtown Cancun. So honestly I think everything would be fine. We did a lot of research just making sure and we are keeping our trip. Another thing we did was have our transportation from the airport to resort (back and forth) scheduled ahead of time by Continental...That way you don't just have to get into some random cab...Ya'll should go!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Denae -- A couple girls from my office just got back from Mexico without any incident at all. I think most of the problems are in the border towns, and not as much in the resort areas. I do agree with the suggestion of arranging airport transportation in advance, but other than that, I wouldn't be afraid of Mexico. Arther Frommer (of Frommer's Travel Guides) recently blogged about this...

Can't answer the Botox question. :)

Anonymous said...

hi denae!
it's took our pics back in october. i was randomly reading your blog and saw the botox question!
my mother-in-law actually gets botox quite often. i thought it was really weird at first, but its looks pretty great. she goes to lindeys med spa about every 3 months. i'm not sure if i would do it though... its like poison for the muscles in your face! Ha!
well hope all is well...need to get in touch with you to take some more FAB pics of channing.
God Bless!

Darci White said...

Hey there-

Here are my answers:

1). My best friend (not Lace, my other bf, Kallie) just cancelled her trip to plays and is going to D.C. for her anniversary instead. I don't know enough about it though to say whether I'd go or not. I can recommend costa rica though.....or cabo!

2). Botox - several girls I know get it and it truly makes a world of difference. One is actually 27 and just has a deep crease/line across her was completely gone after she got Botox and she looks great! Hate to sound so vain, but it really looks so much better. I'm tempted to try it.....I have two lines across my forehead that I've had since junior high!!!??

3). The DVD is $15 at target but only $9 on amazon!

Sorry for the novel! ;-)