Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!


Emma Kate and Will got to watch their very first 4th of July parade together this morning.

Today has been sentimental for me because this day last year was the last really memorable day before I had Will. I remember exactly what we did all day and can even slightly remember what it felt like to have Will in my belly. When we went out to 4th on Broadway last year, we sat in a tent to cool off for awhile and we ended up listening to a band that was really good. I wanted to go back to that same tent to hear the same band...just to bring back memories of last year (and see if Will recognized the music). Anyway, we had a good time and I'm glad will was on the outside this year! :)


Valerie said...

Happy 4th! Love the photo of will and his little girlfriend!

CONNIE said...

This is so adorable! All I can think of is what miracles Will and Emma Kate are. What great gifts from God!

mandal said...

This is so cute! These are the two best dressed babies ever!

April Carrasco said...

Oh my word! That is the cutest picture! I thought about last year on the 4th too. This year has gone so fast!