Monday, December 31, 2007


We aren't really starting solids until Will is 6 months old in a couple of weeks, but he has started reaching for our food while we are eating, which is supposed to be a sign that babies are ready for solids. We were eating stew a few nights ago and Will started smacking his lips like he really wanted to try it. So I thought I could just mash up a carrot and try to give it to him. Chris and I were both curious to see what his reaction to real food would be. I checked the recipe to make sure I didn't put anything too crazy in the stew and then mashed away. This is what happened....

Actually, that isn't all that happened. Chris gave it a try after I had tried a few times and Will ended up gagging himself. Needless to say, we will be waiting a few more weeks to try anything else and it won't be carrots next time. Oh, and I also found out that his first solids should actually be liquid. Lesson learned. :)

Here is another video of Will playing with a new toy Christmas night. It cracks me up when he notices the video camera.


The M Family said...

oh fun! kate tried some solid food on new year's eve too!! only i mixed 1 Tbs of rice cereal with the recommended 4 Tbs!!! of formula and it was sooo soupy!!! i could hardly tell there was any substance to it!! but i guess if you heard their first solids should be liquidy then that makes sense!!! happy eating will!!!

Anonymous said...

I could watch Will all day, he is so funny!