Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just have to write this here so that I won't forget how smart my boy is at a month shy of 3-years-old (and how much he doesn't like change of any kind). The past two Thursdays we went swimming in the afternoon followed by Firehouse Subs for dinner and Spoonfull for dessert. Yesterday we went swimming in the afternoon and I had started dinner before we went, so we came home to eat but Spoonfull sounded really good, so we decided to head that way after dinner.

As Chris and I were talking about it, Will asked if we were also going to Firehouse Subs. I told him that we weren't going to Firehouse Subs because we already ate dinner. He was disappointed, but eventually gave up asking why we couldn't go there. When we have gone to Firehouse Subs, he doesn't act like he likes it more than any other place that we go...we can barely get him to eat anything just like everywhere else, so I am pretty sure he just wanted to follow the routine we had set in the past. He doesn't like change!

About 30 minutes later, we are in the car headed to Spoonfull and Will announces that he is thirsty. I tell him we have water in the car and he says he wants Sprite (which he usually doesn't request unless we are eating out somewhere). I told him we didn't have any Sprite and they don't have any at Spoonfull either. To which he replies that we need to go to Firehouse Subs to get him a Sprite. I couldn't believe that he had thought of a way to try to get in Firehouse Subs. So funny!

So then we get into Spoonfull and Will gets his usual thing - sprinkles with a side of yogurt, which Will says is "kind of like donuts." Again, I think he has forgotten about Firehouse Subs....wrong. After he finished his treat, he tells me he is hungry again and he needs a sandwich from Firehouse Subs. It still didn't work, but kudos to Will for trying so hard! ha!