Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reed meets Reese!

Funny story...

The week Will was born we got new across the street neighbors, Mark and Elizabeth. We ended up becoming great friends but sadly, we sold our house and moved last year and then shortly after we moved, they sold their house and moved to Amarillo!

They stopped in Lubbock for a quick visit last September and told us they were expecting their first baby. We knew that I was pregnant too, but we didn't say anything at the time because we hadn't told anybody yet.

As it turns out, our due dates were exactly two weeks apart. Elizabeth's due date was April 14th and mine was April 28th. We decided to name our boy Reed and they decided on Reese for their baby girl's name. I joked that they should be born on the same day since they had twinsie names and all.

Well, Elizabeth's due date came and went without baby Reese making her appearance so they decided to induce on April 19th. A couple of days later, we scheduled an induction for April 20th because my doctor was going to be out of the office for a week. I thought it was so funny that our babies would only be a day apart!

On the night of April 18th (after 11pm), Elizabeth and I were texting each other. Elizabeth said they would be leaving for the hospital at 4:45am and I thought that seemed sooo close. I was so excited that they would be meeting their sweet baby so soon. Little did I know that I would be headed to the hospital to have Reed even earlier than that!

So that's the story of Reed and Reese ending up with the same birthday!! How funny is that?

And tonight...they got to meet for the first time on Skype! Reese is so adorable and we can't wait to meet her in person!


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mark and elizabeth said...

aww yay! i'm so glad you posted this :) I'm going to link it to my blog too.... it was sooooooo fun to get to see yall last night on skype! we've GOT to do that more often. Reed is so precious and I cannot wait to see him in person too. wish i could have been at your shower yesterday! glad you had fun. talk to you soon.