Sunday, February 28, 2010


I took some pictures of Will just before Christmas...he was about a month shy of being two-and-a-half-years-old, but I think they can count as his 2.5 pictures. You would think that I would take pictures of him all the time, but the fact of the matter is that I don't. Sad, I know. I really want to do better, but I will admit that most of the pictures of Will these days are taken with either mine or Chris's iPhone....great quality, let me tell you! :) But at least we have something.

Will_10043ecbw web
Chris was having a lot of fun making him do little poses like this. It was kind of driving me crazy...but I think this one is my favorite.

Will_9958e web
Love his perfect little smile!

Will_9962ec web
Still so small.

Will_10047ec web
My boys!

Will_9940ec web
He was so cold...but I still love this face.

I have said it before, but I just love this age! Will is so much fun right now. He has a great sense of humor and can make us laugh all the time. He talks really well now and he also knows almost all of his letters. Another thing that stands out about him right now is that he is VERY particular. He likes everything to be a certain way. Everything from wanting his toys organized a certain way (yes, he loves to clean...even dust!), to not wanting his Cheerios to touch his grapes, to wanting to wear the same shoes is funny, but sometimes a struggle! He almost threw a fit when the guys from Best Buy delivered our new washer and dryer. He started crying when they took the old ones out, but calmed down when I explained that they were bringing new ones in.

I have always thought that kids say the funniest things and I remember thinking that I couldn't wait to have my own so they could entertain me constantly. Will does a good job of that. I find myself posting the funny things he says on Facebook a lot, but not on I am going to attempt to go back through Facebook and think of some others to list here so that I have them recorded in a permanent place.

Stuff he says a lot:

- In response to "Good job!", "Don't do that.", "Please stop.", etc... "What did I do?" in the most innocent voice you can imagine.

- He mixes up words in questions. Two common questions he asks are, "Where we are?" and "Where it is?"

- Chris has taught him that his "other" name is Ferg. So now anytime I call him silly, goofy, sweetie, or anything along those lines he responds by saying, "No, I'm not sweetie, I'm Ferg." Lovely. :) He even told our clerk at Target that asked him his name that it was, "Will and Ferg."

- Chris likes to tell Will he is amazing and he always responds with, "I'm not amazing, I'm crazy!" He has said this for awhile and we aren't sure where he got it.

- He often makes suggestions for what we should do at the moment or sometime during the day and then follows it with, "Does that sound like a good plan?" I'm pretty sure I must say that often.

Now here are some funny conversations we have had or funny things he has said:

- He hasn't done very well with potty training to say the least, but he decided a little over a week ago that he doesn't want to poop in his diaper OR the potty, which has meant some minor constipation for him a few times this last week (he eventually ends up going in his diaper...or the bath tub...or on his potty STOOL). He has been telling me when his "bottom hurts" so I will attempt to put him on the potty and he usually just cries the whole time. A few days ago, he was sitting on the potty crying and he said, "I want Jesus to help me!!!" I couldn't help but laugh, but I then I told him that Jesus could help him and then he replied, "I don't want Jesus to help me, I want God to help me!" I have NO clue where he came up with this.

- Ever since then, he has been telling me that God will help him go poo-poo on the potty. I always agree and then ask if wants God to help him now. Just a few minutes ago, I was changing his diaper before his nap and we had this conversation. When I asked if he wanted God to help him now, he said, "No, God will help me go poo-poo on the potty after my nap." So I said that sounded good and then he asked, "Where's God?" I said, "God lives in Heaven, but He is also here with us we just can't see Him." He then asked three more times and I replied with the same answer each time. Then he said, "Oh..." thought for a few seconds and then said, "Where's God's car??"

- When my belly button first started popping out several weeks ago, Will noticed and said, "Oh! Reed David came out!" I have tried to explain that my belly button is not Reed, but Reed is just pushing my belly button out...but he still says it sometimes. I think he is just being silly now, but it does make me laugh. He has also pointed to his own belly button and said, "There's MY Reed David."

- Kristin brought her kids over not too long ago for me to watch for awhile and Will was taking a nap when they got here. Emma Kate laid down on the couch and fell asleep, so Easton (who is 8-months-old) and I went in the office while they were sleeping. Will woke up before Emma Kate, so I sat Easton down for a minute and went to get Will out of his room. I told him we had to go in the office and be quiet because Emma Kate was sleeping, but there was someone waiting to play with him in the office. Will has never been very interested Easton, probably because he is more concerned with playing with Emma Kate when they are around. But on this day, he smiled really big when he saw him and played with him...he was even trying to make him laugh. After a few minutes, Will just smiled at me, smiled at Easton, and then asked, "Reed David came out?" This makes me think that he really does understand that there is a baby in my belly, but I had to explain that Reed would be much smaller and I would have to go to the hospital for Reed to come out.

- A couple of weeks ago I asked Will if I could have a massage (sometimes he will play along and scratch my back for a few seconds) and he said, "You can have a Krispy Kreme donut!"

- I always ask Will questions about what happened at school when we are driving home. He usually tells me what happened or who he played with until I stop asking questions, but one day he had enough and said, "No talking!"

- When he says or does something that I haven't heard or seen before, I usually ask him who taught him that and his answer is almost always, "Pop taught me this!" I am not sure if Pop really is teaching him all those things or if Pop is just getting the credit or blamed, whichever the case may be.

- I asked him one day what book he was reading and he said, "I don't it!"

- Will: I want chips, please! Me: Eat all your turkey and carrots first. Will: (sings Itsy Bitsy Spider while dancing) Me: Do you think being cute is going to get you chips? Will: Yeah!!!

Okay, that is all for now!


White Chocolate said...
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White Chocolate said...

As far as mixing up words in questions, he may just have a little ghettoness in him (commonly seen in the question "What it is?"). In my humble opinion, this is nothing to worry about. He'll still turn out aight.

-Robby (a.k.a. Chill)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Hilarious. What a kid! I love all of these stories, it's so hard to pick a favourite! Soooo cute!!!!!!! You almost make me want one.

Ingram Gang said...

He is so cute!