Monday, September 8, 2008

New PJs

I bought Will his first set of two piece pajamas about a month ago and had not been able to locate them until last night when I was desperate because all of his other pajamas were in the washer. Turns out they were hanging in his closet...who hangs pajamas? Anyhow, he looked super cute in them so I had to take some pictures of him lounging around this morning. Rainy mornings are great for lounging.






And this is his new trick...climbing off of the bed!


amazz said...

Will is such a cutie!!!
*sigh* I wish my boy would just hang out on the bed. I could leave Kami on the bed with very little supervision. Taylor has never, ever been left on the bed alone even long enough for me to take a picture. ;)

mandal said...

I love my baby boy in his big boy pj's too! Nothing more snuggly. Will is adorable! Hey...did you get my comment about Christmas cards??

Alissa said...

Hi! You've been tagged! See my blog for further instructions!

The Barnyards said...

I'm such a fan of Will!! So cute!!