Monday, November 12, 2007

Born in 2007

If you look closely at this picture, you can see that Will's onesie says Born in 2007. And if you're born in 2007, you have to have BabyLegs....even if you're a boy (sorry buddy). I like to go to this mommy message board and ALL of the babies have them. At first, I thought they were only cute for girls and was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to get any....but then all of the boy mommies started buying them too and I couldn't resist. Besides, they are supposed to be really good for crawling around the house (when he starts crawling) and it makes for easy diaper changes because you don't have to take any pants off.

I bought 2 pairs of them before he was born and couldn't wait to put them on him....but when he got here, I realized I didn't have anything cute to go with them. Then I found this hat and onesie at Old Navy for only $5 and it was the perfect outfit! I'm keeping my eye out for something to go with the other pair....and who knows, I may have to buy him a few more pairs. I'll have to hide them from Chris though....he's not a big fan, to say the least. But Will seems to be enjoying them, right? That's all that matters.


Chris Hutson said...

Do they sell those in hetero?

Anonymous said...

Those are hillarious!!! He looks like he is ready for flash dance meets the ski slopes! You are one funny moma. I don't think you can ever show him this pic when he is a teenager!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE baby legs! :) Abi loved them... They're great!

Jaime said...

I heart BABYLEGS. My hubby thinks it is crazy I put them on my son but I love them and they are so darn cute!!!