Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Trick

Will's new trick at 3 months old is....standing!

I like to sit him up in the corner of the couch like this to take pictures of him...

Yesterday, he decided he would rather stand in the corner of the couch. Sitting is for babies. Here he is pushing himself up...

And he's standing at once...

Aren't these pictures hilarious, by the way?

Here are some other things I need to remember about him:

- He is smiling all the time now. It really doesn't take much to get him to smile when he's in the mood. We'll catch him smiling in his carseat at his toy that hangs from the bar.

- My mom and Chris have both gotten some pretty good laughs out of him this last week. Chris can really get him giggling and it is so cute. He's also laughed a few times when I'm laughing.

- He has rolled over a few times. I don't think he has ever done it intentionally, though. The first time was a few weeks ago. I put him on his tummy for tummy time and as soon as I put him down, he pushed up on his hands and rolled over. He's never done that again. Then he did it a couple of times in a row at my parent's house this week. I was changing his diaper on the couch and when I was finished, I just played with him there for a few minutes. He rolled over towards the back of the couch a few times, but I think he probably just did it because it was slanted that way a little and made it easier to rollover. I haven't seen him even attempt to try when he is playing in the floor.

- He follows me around the room with his eyes....especially if I'm talking. He's done this for awhile now.

- He has grown out of 2 of his 0-3 month pajamas, but he can still wear all of his other 0-3 month clothes. Hopefully he will fit into his 3-6 month clothes when it gets really cold.

- He still loves the bath. When he gets fussy right before bedtime, all we have to do is turn on the bath water and he instantly calms down. Even though he still loved it, he was getting too big for the hammock in his aquarium tub, so we took that part out. He doesn't seem as comfortable in the tub without the hammock, so we're in the market for a new one, but I haven't found anything I like. Any suggestions?

- He loves getting his diaper changed. Chris and I have pretty much decided that he loves anything that has to do with us "pampering" him. He's even started holding his legs up on his own.

- He sings along with me when I sing to him. Maybe he'll turn out to be a better singer than Chris and me. He may need some better influences though.

We have videos of a lot of these things. Maybe someday Chris will put them on the computer and I can share them here (hint, hint).

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