Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas

I know this is way overdue, but better late than never...right? We had a really fun Christmas this year and lot of fun activities leading up to it as well. Will is getting to the age where we want to take him to do every fun thing there is even though he probably won't remember it.

First of all, Will had his very first school program. The picture below shows Will at his finest that night. Clapping was about as exciting as it got for him.

Just in case you are having trouble picking him out of the crowd, he is on the front row with a blue sweater vest, next to the boy in the red sweater.

Speaking of the boy in the red sweater...I think this is Will's best friend at school. His name is Parker. I always try to get Will excited about school on the way because he used to cry every time I left him (he is doing SO much better, by the way). I always name all of his teachers and one morning I started naming a few of his friends that I know are in his class. When I said, "Are you excited to see Parker?" He repeated me and said, "Parper" I continued to say "Parker" and he continued repeating "Parper" all the way to school. Now he says it anytime we ask is one of the very few things he will say on demand. They must be good buddies. And Will is a smart one because I'm pretty sure he is the smallest in the class and Parker is no doubt the biggest in the class.

I had to add this one in there for Parker's mama, Ruth. I am pretty sure this is when he spotted her in the crowd. Poor baby!

Several of my friends' kids are in this picture....I thought it was pretty cute!

Here we are one night before night night time. He is the sweetest mama's boy ever.

Just a cute picture of him reading a book. Yes, he is amazingly talented...he can read upsidedown. He loves books!!

There was a small mix up when we put up the tree. Will thought HE was supposed to get decorated.

No big deal, he can play with his toys while being decorated.

We went to the live nativity scene at Indiana Baptist one night. I hope they continue to do this every year...I think it will be a great way to teach Will more about the night Jesus was born. Will even got to pet a real camel. This picture was taken with my it's not the best. Hopefully Will can still appreciate it someday. :)

He loved looking at the tree and was really good about not taking the ornaments off.

So cute. By the way, this was the first fire we've had in our house in the four years that we've lived here. Chris got brave one night. :)

Now onto the actual Christmas...Will got spoiled and we only bought him two presents.

Grandma got him every musical instrument you could think of. He loves this was perfect!

He also loves Little People...which Grandma also got him.


Will asked if he could wear the bows. How could I say no? Notice that daddy was not too thrilled about this.

He was really funny about opening presents. He would pull a tiny piece of paper off and then hand it to me. Then do the same thing over and over again. Needless to say, we ended up having to help him out quite bit.

Admiring Pop & Lolli's tree on Christmas morning. You can also see the top of the train they got him. He loves it!

Now this is what Daddy...umm, I mean Will...really wanted ever since his friend, Tagen, got it has his birthday party.

Here he is with Uncle Lance and his new Aunt Olivia.

The best family picture we got...I think Will was a little distracted by all the new toys.

After we opened presents at my parent's house on Christmas morning, we all went up to the children's hospital to take the kids and nurses small gifts. I think it was a good way to start teaching Will that Christmas is not all about getting presents. It was really the least we could do for someone stuck in the hospital on Christmas day, but hopefully we made someone's Christmas a little brighter. I hope we can do something like this each year to remind Will that is more fun to give of yourself than to get. I didn't take any pictures of this...well, I did...but they were on my mom's camera. Go to her blog to see them and read more about it.

Thanks for reading this incredibly long post if you got this far. We are so blessed!


CONNIE said...

I loved seeing all of your Christmases! What a great picture of Lance and Olivia with Will. They look really good with a baby. LOL!

amazz said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I especially love the pics of Will being decorated. :) Happy New Year!

Gordy and Ruth said...

Thank you for the picture of Parker :) Maybe next year he will do better, I got some pictures and a video of the boys I need to give to you! We were on the front row so they're close up. (And just so you know since the boys seem to be best friends I was thinking of inviting you guys to Parker's 2nd birthday party, I'll let you know more when I know more's Feb 1st) Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Looks like Will had a great Christmas! I miss you guys! You look so pretty in all your pic Denae. :)

Ryan and Deminy... said...

Super small world. Remember me? I called you before Christmas to take pictures of my family. My name is Deminy Highley. Well, I'm looking through your blog and I realize that my sons are in your picture. They are twins and are in the Walker 1 class at Trinity. Then I scroll down and I think you and your husband were in our child birth class two summers ago. Anyways, small world I know. Love your pictures!

Jamie said...

Great blog! :) Love the pics... Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

mark and elizabeth said...

yall are just so precious! I LOVE the pics of will by the tree and the fire! They turned out great! See you soon.

kristen lewis said...

What a precious family you are! And it thrills my heart that Carter made your blog. Awww.

The Hobsons said...

You have a beautiful family Denea!! I love following you blog and looking at all your pictures!!