Tuesday, April 7, 2009


When it snowed a couple of weeks ago, Will wanted to go outside and play in it sooo bad. By the time I finally gave in and got him dressed to go outside, it had already melted. Bummer!


Will's favorite thing to do outside right now is play with his bubbles that come out of this little bubble machine. He could not figure out why they wouldn't come out after he had pressed the button...I guess they were frozen. Poor kid.



Sorry I haven't had much to say lately!


mandal said...

He looks like Chris in that last picture. He is getting so big...what a cutie!

kristen lewis said...

He is amazingly cute. That hat is perfect on him.

Brandi said...

He looks so big in the last picture... he doesn't look like a little boy at all. BTW, I think he's beginning to forget me since I haven't gotten to keep him in so long. When do you need a date or time to do stuff?